Rosie's Ribbon of Concern Quilt

(Reduce to 50% before printing out)

I've used pink for breast cancer, however you can use what ever color you wish......
Feel FREE to use this pattern for your personal use or your your 'Quilt Guilds' and 'Quilting Groups'.
Make a quilt for someone that is battling breast cancer, show them you care!
Finished size blocks are 14"
Set 3 Across by 4 Down.
Approx. Size is: 76" X 60"
Fabric Requirements (Approximate)
1st Border - Framer = 1/4 Yd. (strips are cut selvage to selvage)
2nd Border - White = 1 Yd (strips are cut selvage to selvage)
Sashing - White = 1 1/2 Yds
Blocks - Pink Fabric = 2 Yds, White Fabric = 2 1/2 Yds
Half Square Triangles were constructed using 2" Finished 'Triangle's on a Roll®, however you can use
wha ever method you wish as long as you get 2" Finished half square triangles.
I cut 2 1/2 Strips of 'White' fabric and 'Pink" fabric and sub-cut them into 2 1/2" squares for the blocks.
I used '2" Finished' White strips for my sashing (cut strips 2 1/2").
*I used the same color for my sashings and 2nd Border as I did for the background in my blocks.
This gives a 'Floating' effect to the ribbons.
My First Border (Pink Framer) was cut 1 1/2" to give me a 1" Finished framer. I used the same
color pink as I used in my blocks.
My outer border is 4" Finished, (*cut 4 1/2" strips).