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We love to give back.

Special thank you to our LongArmers,. 

Check them out and give them the business!

They Quilt for FREE for Camp Reach for the Sky and Wounded Warrior Battalion West.

Without them and our volunteers who make all the quilts, this project would not be possible.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

In addition Thank you to all Long Armers that do not do it as a business but just make tops and  quilt for Charity. 

Thank you all!


Claire McKarns

Quilt Consultations and Vintage Fabrics, Antique Quilts - Encinitas, CA (858)756-5718


Betty Hernandez - 619-460-7047


Artist - Tracy Harris - 619-517-4367 -


Barbi's Quilting Service - Barbi Vogel - Phone: 858-869-3008 - 619-588-8464


JeliBee Quilts-LorrieA Ayala - 619-813-0826 -


Peggy Couvrette - 619-846-4210 -

Pink Ribbon Studio - Michalee Sloan - 619-302-6068


Robin's Quilting Nest - Robin Ruiz - 619-303-0071



Swirls & Curls - Carrie Wilson - 619-804-6062 -

Vices Quilting and Crafting -, Phone: 619-357-5527


BLUE HOUSE QUILTERS - Sherry & Allison Scofield

619-417-6297 -


Quilt for You

Elizabeth Holland - 812-572-2485

Peggy Konkol - 619-994-0911/619-946-4057 -

If you would like to help us out with this project, we are always in need of Long Armers to help us get the quilts quilted so that they can be ready for 3 Camps, 1 Family Camp, Wounded Warriors and their families at Camp Pendleton. We are in desperate need of more Long Armers. We currently have about 300 quilts that need to be quilted for the coming year. Thank you.

Contact Kathy Jones at 619-697-5758 and she can get all the details for you.  We supply the Batting and of course the backings.  EARN FREE Batting and Thread for your personal use. 


"You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what the outcome." Patch Adams

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