We love to give back.

Special thank you to our LongArmers,. 

Check them out and give them the business!

They Quilt for FREE for Camp Reach for the Sky and Wounded Warrior Battalion West.

Without them and our voluntters who make all the quilts, this project would not be possible.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

In addition Thank you to all Long Armers that do not do it as a business but just quilt for Charity. 

Thank you all!


Betty Hernandez - 619-460-7047  bettyquilt50@att.net


Artist - Tracy Harris - 619-517-4367 - Tracersd@gmail.com


JeliBee Quilts-LorrieA Ayala - 619-813-0826 - jelibeequilts@aol.com


Mr. Quilter Long Arm Services - Mike Greene - 619-992-3939 - mtgreenejr@gmail.com


Peggy Couvrette - 619-846-4210 - peggycouvrette@cox.net


Robin's Quilting Nest - Robin Ruiz - 619-303-0071

E-Mail: coconutkeed@gmail.com


Swirls & Curls - Carrie Wilson - 619-804-6062 - swirlsandcurlslongarmquilting@gmail.com


Shenny & Allison Scofield




Rather-Bee Quilting - Marita Wallace - 619-562-3662


Peggy Konkol - 619-994-0911/619-946-4057 - pkonkol@cox.net


Catamount Quilting - Kathryn Fuller - Tijeras, New Mexico - 505-235-5939

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7151 El Cajon Boulevard

Suite F (Shop) Suite B (Classroom)

San Diego, California 92115


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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Sunday: 11am - 5pm


We are closed on New Years, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


We close at 3 pm on New Years Eve, 

Day before Easter, Day before Thanksgiving

and Christmas Eve.

Please call and confirm we're open. 


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